What are your interests?

A: One way to answer that is with pictures ...of my interests.  Take a look at my Pinterest feed.

What are your weaknesses?

A: Do you want the whole list or just the Top 10.  (#11 I'm a pathological smart ass)

What are your strengths?

A: Bringing together the expertise of others.

Do you have a resume?

A: Here it is in pdf    Ralph W Demmler Resume - 2018

Can you provide an example of your reporting and analysis?

A: Here is some work I did for a $700 Million eye care franchise...RESTASIS CRM & Web Metrics May 2012

Can you provide an example of your attention to detail and developing process?

A: Here is some work I did for the catalogs content and tracking codes for email waves...Toujeo Email Campaign Inventory_080916_ Email Template Form 9-14

Can you provide an example of email you configured, executed and tracked?

Here's one in a series I configured on Eloqua at Harte Hanks...Consumercare Webinar_ How Consumerism Will Shape Health Insurance Marketing in 2013.

Here's The RecipeCONNECTION, a biweekly communication promoting the types of drinks and offers from MARS Flavia..

Blue Hawaii e-mail
Blue Hawaii e-mail